Share the Experience – 2014 Photo Contest

The National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s greatest national parks, is once again hosting it’s annual Share the experience photo contest. The contest opened up on May 1st and participants can enter photos into categories such as Wildlife, Scenic, and Adventure. According to this years press release there were over 18,000 images submitted for the contest in 2013 so the chance of winning this years grand prize of $10,000 is not very likely but I went ahead and submitted two entries anyway.

Both pictures were photos I took on my cross country trip during summer 2012 with my brother. The majority of our stops were actually National Parks including Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon. Look out for future posts about our actual trip sometime this summer once the two year anniversary nears.

My first submission was a  shot I took in Yellowstone National Park on the way to see Old Faithful. While driving along the road to the popular attraction I couldn’t help but notice how amazing even the small creeks and rivers that ran on the side of the road looked. We stopped the car and made our way down to the stream to get this shot. For those very observant people you’ll also notice that this picture is the background of my blog!


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

My second submission was a picture we took at the Grand Canyon National Park. This picture was mainly taken for dramatic effect but also to make it easier to visualize just the incredible size of the canyon. For the record there was no fence or gate we trespassed through to get this picture. The entire area near the viewing platforms is open for individuals to wander around albeit at their own risk. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip not only because of the incredible view but also because of the chills one may get from looking at it (Mom).

"Anything for the shot"  Grand Canyon

“Anything for the shot”
Grand Canyon

If you like the pictures please feel free to click on each of them. This will lead you to the website and there you can vote for my submissions or any of the other wonderful pictures on the site. You can also submit your own! Don’t fret about rushing to submit photos though, the submission period doesn’t close until December 31st.


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